Perttu Sutinen
Miika Partala
Vocals & Guitar
J-J Kontoniemi
Since 1999 rock’n’roll group IconClan from Helsinki, Finland, has teased its listeners.

The band is bravely swimming against the flow and trends and is kneeling before Motörhead and Peer Günt (legendary Finish rock group), Honey Aaltonen(famous finnish rock-author) has even called IconClan a mini-Motörhead! Clan’s music is based on old school rock’n’roll with little bit of punk.

The Clan is said to be a great live act, and not without a reason. The rhythm will take control of your body and you will surely sweat! During the last five years the band has travelled around Europe, so clubs and autobahns have become very familiar to these guys.

For some reason IconClan has hardly ever performed in their home country, only 4 times in 5 years!

But on the other side, outside the borders they have partied in 7 different countries and played almost 80 shows!

When it comes to recording, IconClan has took it easy, two albums so far. Debut album Drive-in Religion was more or less fast and dirty punk rock, and second one Cottonfield Gospel, as the name tells, was more basic rock’n’roll and you can even hear the Clan’s version of the legendary Johnny B. Goode of Chuck Berry!

At the moment the band is planning the future and new material is under practise.

And when the new album is released, the Clan will hit the road again.