Skinnie Dee will appear on the music video of Skeletor. The song is called "Trust Nobody" and will be on their forthcoming album which will be released by Limb Music. More information will be announced on Skeletor website at


The last issue of the stalker magazine contained a story about Iconclan. The Cottonfield Gospel album got 8 out of 10 in their review.


Welcome to the home of the Clan. Fortunately we can announce that the long wait has come to an end. We do our best to keep this site updated more often than the old one in the future. If you have got any questions or requests please get in touch.

Iconclan has released their second Album on Whirlwind Records a German independent label. There you can get the CD and additional information.

Although nothing is settled yet, Iconclan is planning their next tour, so the dates will be released as soon as we know more.